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Investing in Technology 
and Energy Transition


About us

Based in Rio de Janeiro and Oslo, we are a Nordic-Brazilian group focused on building companies and investing in technology, energy transition and people with innovative mindset and high ambitions.

Janeiro Energy is founded by Norwegian entrepreneurs with more than 50 years of experience in Brazil, a proven track record for building companies and creating shareholder value.


Our differentiated Nordic-Brazilian background enables us to access attractive developments and technology in the Nordic region - among the most advanced in energy transition -  and successfully bring them to Brazil - a global energy powerhouse.

The Janeiro Group  

Portfolio positions, part-ownership

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Investment Strategy & Portfolio

We invest proprietary capital in carefully selected business areas, companies and people driven by high ambitions, attractive social and financial returns. We are particularly active in the Brazilian energy transition, seeking to build attractive investments and businesses, often based on Nordic technologies. We believe that the energy transition will be accelerated by innovative technologies, digitalisation and globalisation, and we invest to build competence, networks and attractive portfolio returns. Specific competencies is what counts, coupled with synergies and knowledge transfer across technologies and geographies.


Holu markets, sells and installs photovoltaic installations in Brazil, attending 88% of the country. Holu focuses on the household and small business segment, and has installed 3.500 projects to date. We work in partnership with some leading financial institutions and retailers in Brazil. We offer an online marketplace and use a proprietary model to analyze the potential of any home, second home, agricultural property or small business and find the best price and installer for the customers, based on an automatic bidding process between available installers. Holu also have in-house installation and project delivery capacities. Holu was established in partnership with Otovo, transferring a Nordic technology platform and business model to Brazil.

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Energi AI is a carbon accounting platform for businesses. Based on ML/AI, its trained algorithms allows companies to put carbon accounting on autopilot capturing information from purchase records / financial data sets. Janeiro, as an investor, also has a lead role as Energi AI works to broaden its customer portfolio in Brazil.


Pagaleve is a leading Brazilian "Buy Now, Pay Later" startup. It enables people to pay in installments without interest, without a credit card in under 2 minutes, doing instant payments right out of the product page. Easy to use financing platforms are important enablers of the energy transition.

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Empower mobilize international capital to develop and operate renewable power generation projects in Africa, creating measurable and sustainable impact in the communities. Janeiro is an investor in Empower, alongside Climate Fund Managers, Norfund and EDFI. In parallel we work to transfer capabilities and to investigate opportunities in medium size, renewable power generation in Brazil.

Through a solar financing platform developed by Holu, Banco Santander offers its customers personalized proposals for photovoltaic projects with good credit conditions and Holu is responsible for the entire operation and success of the projects.


We have a strong focus on ESG, international governance standards and aspire to make sustainable social impact, amongst other through social investments in partnership with Dream Learn Work (“DLW”).

Janeiro Energy and its associated companies are Gold Sponsors of the Karanba Filantropic Project in São Gonzales, see

DLW Tech will invest in vocational training and education for underprivileged young Brazilians interested in pursuing careers in technology as well as relevant businesses and start-ups in the technology, innovation, energy transition and digitalization space


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